Almost totally rid of Lady Vols logo

Discussion in 'VOLuminous' started by CardinalVol, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Dave Hart continuing to score the only points he has in my book by pissing off Lady Vols fans. All Tennessee athletic teams will have the Power T brand except women's basketball.
  2. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    he gets no credit from me until he gets rid of women's basketball.
  3. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    And women's basketball will eventually get in line.

    And it's about time.
  4. Dick Huffman

    Dick Huffman Guest

  5. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    In all honesty different logos matters about as much to me as ***s on a boar.

    That said I can get behind pissing off the lady vol fans
  6. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."

    They're divisive. All Power T.
  7. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    The one benefit of hiring a mediocre coach like Holly Warlick is that I don't have to explain to my non-UT fans very often anymore that men's basketball is not, in fact, the third most popular sport at UT and never was.
  8. InVolNerable

    InVolNerable Fark Master Flex

    Did baseball pull better attendance than wbb back in the day? Wouldn't surprise me if it did.
  9. GoVols2003

    GoVols2003 Contributor

    The softball team is now upset...pissing and moaning in the KNS...... and the old folks, mouth breathers, etc., are eating it up.

    A petition has been
  10. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."

    We are Tennessee. Not Lady Tennessee.
  11. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    it's just so hard for me to understand why people give 2 craps about this
  12. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog

    Finally decided to stop regarding Woman as Other? Except the women want us to keep doing it?
  13. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    Eh, I was all for the elimination of separate ADs for the men and women, but this sounds a lot like men telling women how they should feel about themselves and their own programs. I can't imagine why anyone would truly give a shit about forcing them to get rid of Lady Vols insignias, at least not to the level of caring in which the ladies show for keeping them for their own identity. I certainly don't care if they want to call themselves the Lady Vols.
  14. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    1. It's sexist, IMO. Could we brand "Gentlemen's Vols"? Do we hire Lady Chemistry professors?
    2. It unnecessarily dilutes the Tennessee brand.
    3. We are all one, the same, and should be similarly represented.
    4. Unfortunately, the "Lady Vols" name was adapted to represents themselves as a completely independent entity, who merely shares office space with Tennessee, and little else.
    5. Well, that is unless it relates to cold, hard, liberating cash from the "Gentlemen Vols" - they want to share that.

    Good riddance to it.
  15. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    1. The women don't seem to think it's sexist. I'll defer to them, especially since I don't think opposition to the logo is based on any concern for sexism, aside from the fact that it would be men telling women their attitude is sexist against themselves.

    Also, do female professors only teach other women? Who's stopping the men from calling them the "Gentlemen" Vols?

    2. Dilutes it into what? Clearly, the Lady Vol, hence Tennessee brand, has created an identity, particularly among women.

    3. Meaningless. The teams all still say Tennessee in the front.

    4. Who cares? They are governed by the same group and the profits go the same place.

    5. No different than any number of "lesser" men's sports at UT.

    I'm failing to see why I should give a shit enough to change something clearly very important to the women Volunteers and one that has enough cache, or branding, among women athletes to draw them to this university. It was one thing when it was costing money to maintain an entirely different department for the women, but these are just names and symbols with a little blue in their uniform. And, like I said, it's important enough, apparently, to the women that feel the women of the program's past and present have created an identity for the school among women. Subsequently, I don't see any reason why it should be taken away other than as a "**** you" to the women or some condescending attitude towards them that their opinion counts less.
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  16. BigOrangeBeech

    BigOrangeBeech Poster of the Month, July 2014 and recruiting guy!

    Exactly. I could care less which logo is used. Just win championships. This goes for all sports.
  17. InVolNerable

    InVolNerable Fark Master Flex

    Vols should get Vols' profits, lady vols should get lady vols' profits. It's only fair.
  18. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    If only.
  19. droski

    droski Traffic Criminal

    I thought the lady vols lost money and of course it's sexist.
  20. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    The Labia-Laden Vols have never made a dime. Ever. On anything.

    Their financial "success" is measured by how grotesquely they drain funds from one year to the next.

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