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    So it appears his [penis] is smaller than Trump's. Man is vetoing bills because he doesn't like tweets.
    Ron DeSantis vetoes Tampa Bay Rays complex after gun control tweet: report (nypost.com)

    You can debate if its in the state's best interest to shell out money for things like this, but the fact the governor is frantically lashing out at anyone and everyone who tweets stuff he doesn't like is [uck fay]ing pathetic. Again its a pretty bland, and generic tweet, but this asshat gets personally offended because they have the audacity to not hold the same viewpoints he has. Who in their right mind thinks he has the mental fortitude to be president?
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    My mother.
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    IIRC the guy he beat to become governor was found passed out naked in a hotel [uck fay]ed out of his mind on drugs a week after the election. So maybe don't let the next governor's race be florida man vs florida man.
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    Does she qualify as "right mind?"
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    More or less
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    Native Floridians
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    In his next act, DeSantis threatened the Special Olympics with a $27 million fine for requiring its participants to be vaccinated.

    The. Special. Olympics.

    This is a collection of people at a distinctly higher level of risk than your average person and the organization was looking out for those people’s interests. Of course, they had to back down and DeSantis bragged about it on Twitter.

    He’s an incredible piece of shit.

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