Elon Musk is in “Bonkersland”?

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by Tenacious D, May 25, 2018.

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    Yeah, but it may have more to do with the exact shape of the glass. The structure of the vehicle plays a bit of havoc with glass creating pressure in odd places. It can also make for manufacturing headaches. Honda swapped to a somewhat less complicated design for the the rear side glass for the Odyssey when I was there. It went from a glass that opened as a vent window to a stationary glass. It took years before they got it to where a fairly high percentage didn't leak on the first install. I'm sure Tesla has a lot of smart car people working for them, but it's possible they just missed something. It is quite odd though.
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  3. gcbvol

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    Regarding the window breaks.

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    Stop trying to make fetch happen.
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    Haha. I've been thinking on this a bit more and I wonder if part of their thinking with this design is Ford and Chevy are already working on their E Trucks (which are/expected to be more traditional in design) and have a built-in loyal market he's not going to significantly cut into. With that being the case why not go completely different and see what happens? A lot of folks like the new and there's certainly nothing like this out there today. It's going to have a market, just not a massive one.
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    Over 250K now. Better get in queue.
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    Considering it takes only $100 nonrefundable to place an 'order', I'd temper my expectations until sales numbers start coming in.
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    Oh, I'm fully aware.
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    Seen the R1T? Or the R1S?
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    Yep, I like the R1T a lot. Size wise it's a better fit for me than cybertruck. Love seeing these EVs in the pipeline. I'm a Tesla guy, but definitely excited about and open to others.
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    Elon and Grimes are expecting. The end is nigh.
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    I believe that Tesla became the most valuable car company in history today.
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    I knew the stock was up again, but didn't realize the milestone. It's still bizarre as much of that value is based on potential. They do have most of the production issues worked out, though. And gigafactory 2 just delivered its first cars to customers.
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    Tesla's EPS (earnings per share) is garbage.
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    It's mostly hype and potential future earnings.

    I've quit trying to say he's going to have to show a profit, because it's obvious he doesn't have to.
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    Tesla's valuation seems to be heavily potential based. Although the business has come into form the last couple of years. The speed at which the China gigafactory was built and production ready was impressive. I think the recent jump of valuation/stock price is based on the company's position - they are poised for significant growth. Elon expects the Model Y market will eclipse all other models combined and they seem to have production challenges worked out. We'll see. I'm waiting for a breakthrough in energy storage.
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    Him talking to Joe Rogan is one of the greatest things of all time.
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    Think what you will about Elon/Tesla, but the man has had an enormous impact on the auto industry. Tesla has proved EV wide market viability and forced the industry to follow. Now they're all playing catch up, but it's a win for consumers. EVs are pretty clearly the future.

    I think another major factor in Tesla's valuation is around autonomous driving. We're obviously not there yet, but Tesla has a massive head start and tons of the required real-world data from all the Teslas on the road today. It's very likely they will finish first in the autonomous race which will open up a ton of opportunity.

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