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    Let's talk about it.

    I'm jealous that bill gets to build a brand new bag when he gets home.
  2. The Dooz

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    Landed back at Bragg this morning. Gotta go up there for a brief, inspection and grab my gear and I'm off til Monday. Already have a tee time set up for Friday morning and geez is it going to be hot. The 'Stan was hot, but I had totally forgotten about humidity.

    Give me a couple of weeks and I should have the new bag set up, i'll post a pic of my new sticks once I get 'em. Dooz, BPV, Cotton, any others, what would you recommend me looking at? New driver, new hybrid, new irons, new wedges (that's already been discussed, I'm probably sticking with Clevelands) and a new bag. Also going custom fit all around. I'm walking in realizing I'm up to swing anything and everything, but I've always preferred the feel of Titleist and Ping for irons and my past three drivers have all been Titleist models.
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    i've always hit TaylorMade drivers, so if i was you that's were i'd start.

    i'd like a set of AP2s, which was a possibility this spring until i bought a new car.
  5. volfanbill

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    I know a lot of people that swear by TaylorMade drivers and it was easily the top selling brand in the pro shop i worked at for awhile, but I've never felt like I could work TaylorMade drivers like I could a Titleist. They were super long, longer than Callaways by a mile, I just wish I could develop a feel for how to work the ball with them. I know with the driver it's mostly how you swing, but I've never felt comfortable doing anything but sending one straight with a TM. I typically like to work a little fade just for the control. That said, sometimes I work it a little too much and it turns into a slice.

    Irons are really free game for me at this point. I've had my i3 black dot blades since 2000 or 2001. I really like the feel of forged irons so I'm looking at Mizunos and the S2 Cobras, but the Titleist APs felt good and I've heard great things about the Ping i15s. Haven't hit a TM iron in a couple of years and Callaways always seem too heavy for me. I will probably be making a visit to some of the stores in Pinehurst this coming week to get started on the decision making. I will also note that off the tee and my short game are my strong points, I'm in no way a good enough iron player to play true blades, so we can just knock those out of the equation right now. Most golfers I've played with or dealt with weren't good enough for blades either, but they like to believe they are.
  6. cotton

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    It has been about 5 years since I went throught the process, and I currently play to a 14, so take this for what it is worth.

    I went to Golfsmith in Austin, Tx, talked to a sales guy about what I wanted and how I played, and we picked out about 5 different irons. They had a full range, so I went out back and hit them all. I think I hit whatever Nike was offering, the Titleist game improvement irons, Clevelands, Mizuno MXs, Calloway X something, and maybe a couple more. I was surprised, but the Calloways and Mizunos felt and performed better than the rest with my swing. I liked the look of the Mizunos better, so I bought them and was custom fitted on the spot.

    I post that not because I think you should go out and get a set of Mizunos but because I really think the process is the way to go. Find a place with knowledgable salespeople, a variety of clubs, and a place to hit them. It really makes a difference.

    I have not gone through the same process with my driver or woods, but I should. I'm currently hitting a 5 year old Cleveland Launcher and matching woods.
  7. The Dooz

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    looks like I will be in Atlanta next Sunday. Anybody know anything cool going on, like maybe a golf tournament?
  8. bigpapavol

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    I've heard that they're holding one there, but I wouldn't expect any big names to play in it.
  9. The Dooz

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    So my ticket is worthless?
  10. bigpapavol

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    For my money, it's about getting the shafts right for the clubhead and aesthetics. If you can get the shaft clubhead combo to fit your swing and the clubs to fit your eye, you've done something. It's the main reason I haven't changed irons in ages - I don't think I can get a set as well matched. I went to the factory and had them rigged up and ground just for me. All the shafts are just a hair different to deal with the different heads, but they're all freq matched and spined. It sounds like a lot of overkill, and probably is, but I don't think I could replicate it in a new set without spending more effort than I'm willing to spend. I've simply replaced the couple of clubs that I wore out and keep rolling. Wedges - I use Vokeys, but with S300 shafts instead of the wedge shafts. I have the Project Xs in the rest of my irons. I stick with the stepped shafts in my wedges because they don't attenuate as much of the impact and give me better feel (although it's likely mental).

    Hybrids - I've said it a lot: get a NEUTRAL head and find a good shaft. I hit a bridgestone and use Aldila VS Proto hybrid shaft. Works for me.

    Putter - You gotta just hit a lot of em. I use two that were designed by the same guy when he worked for different companies. One is shorter and more upright, but the heads and swingweights are essentially the same.

    Driver - Sounds like your sold on the Titleist. No debate there. All of the modern ones are unbelievable clubs. Again, shaft is everything.

    3 Wood - it's about flight you like and where you most like to use it. I hit mine off a lot of tees so I want flat flight. I use a shaft to keep it down and a deeper clubface. If you want height because you like em off the deck, get a lower kickpoint shaft and a more shallow face.
  11. NYY

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    bpv- My dad, single handicapper, is in a serious case of the laterals. He's always had a tug it in and come over the top move, but can play it with the best of them. Very handsy. Anyway, man is about to put the clubs up it's that bad. I can't even play a round with him without standing over a wedge trembling. Got any advice?
  12. bigpapavol

    bigpapavol Chieftain

    Has to do some video to get to the root of the problem.

    If I'm him, I hit a lot of 9 to 3 (clock face position) shots until I'm back in the center of the clubface all the time. Would even try to hit the ball on the toe. For damn sure that front shoulder is going to have to get moving left. You might even have him spend all of his time for his next few practices just getting that front shoulder to fly out of there. He won't like the results, but he'll have something else to think about and he'll probably hit some weak, high cuts. Still, he'll be seeing some divots headed back the right direction and his contact will start moving toward the toe.

    Before giving up, he should get those old ugly ass Cleveland VAS irons that basically had no hosel.
  13. NYY

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    I had him out there tonight on the range and he was doing the 9 to 3 work and was hitting balls toward the sweet spot. He even had a few toe shots. The moment he goes beyond 9, he's hitting balls halfway up the hosel. It's frustrating as all hell to watch. I'll see about the left shoulder tomorrow.
  14. NYY

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    Women having their caddie stand behind them until they pull the trigger makes me want to throw a 7-iron into a shin.
  15. The Dooz

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    Zack Johnson is hilarious. he might be my new favorite golfer.
  16. NYY

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    One of the nicest guys on Tour.
  17. tidwell

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    What'd he do?
  18. The Dooz

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    joked with the crowd all day. he was playing like shit, and he knew it, so he just had a good time. some good one liners with the gallery.

    also, the UGA dbags who follow Bubba around are insufferable.
  19. volfanbill

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    so I settled on everything: I'm the proud new owner of a Titleist 910 D3 and fortunately the stock Diamani Kai shaft fits me very well. I'm absolutely mashing the ball from my old 905T. I have a set of Ping i15s on order and after going through it came down the Project X shafts 5.0s and the old ZZ Lite shafts. The ZZ Lites are about $20 cheaper per club and I could control my ball flight better so I went with those. They are going to stick a ZZ Lite in my 52*, but the 56* and 60* are the stock wedge shafts. I bought a custom fit Anser putter a couple of years ago and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I also can't give up my Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 wood. As I've done for so long, I might just wait on the hybrid. I'm pretty sure these new irons are about 10 yards further on average per club for me from what I was demoing. I'm hoping the irons make it in this weekend.

    BTW, it's incredibly nice having Pinehurst at the backdoor of Bragg. Made getting custom fit easy.
  20. The Dooz

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    couple more things:

    15 and 16 are stupid [uck fay]ing long.

    ZJ hit one (of many in the bunker) on 3 or 4 right by the ropes. we were standing maybe 3 feet from him. he had about 200+ to the green so he pulled a hybrid. well he duffs the ever loving shit out of it. goes maybe 15 feet and hits a guy in the foot. i said to my dad, 'shit, i can do that'. he overhears me and says 'thanks for your support but you probably want follow another group'. the gallery lost it. so he gets down to his ball and wants to know why/how it didn't roll down the side of the hill (he couldn't see his shot) and the guys say 'well, it hit my foot'. of course the first thing he asks is 'are you okay' and then they guy says 'i tried not to screw you'. Zack looks at him and goes 'yeah well you did' and we all lost it again. so now he's got this shot that's probably 2 feet below his feet and he hits it in another bunker. he looks at me and says 'i bet you can do that too'. i said 'no i probably would have wiffed on that one' and he starts laughing. he thanked us all for coming out to watch him play and went on his way.
    some guys who were walking to the other side of the fairway said DL3 was the same way. basically they knew they had no shot so they had some fun with us.

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