Randy''s Rants: Why do people vote for socialists?

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by rbroyles, Feb 2, 2016.

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    What is it that makes so many millennials and other Americans drink the Kool-Aid of anti-capitalism and yearn for the sweet promises of socialism offered up by Bernie and Hillary? I’m sure many Democratic voters are attracted to Bernie simply because he isn’t a corrupt, incompetent, lying [itch bay]. But there’s more to it than that. Both Hillary and Bernie are selling the same Kool-Aid. So are some Republicans.

    I believe the element of capitalism that frightens socialists the most is competition. I experienced the beginning of the liberal movement to eliminate competition way back when my kids were playing elementary school level sports. The concept was to eliminate the embarrassment of failure. Don’t keep score. Everybody gets a trophy. Thank goodness my kids survived that insult to common sense. Yet the movement has grown wildly.

    Whether you like competition or not, life is a competition. Competition produces the best of everything, from doctors to lawyers to country music singers to businessmen to carpenters to cell phones. There are always losers in competition. Losing is a necessary experience for any successful person. Today’s losers can be tomorrow’s winners if they are not given a trophy for losing. To be a winner, one must hate losing. How can you hate losing if you got a trophy for it?

    So many people are tripped up by the unfairness in capitalism. Do huge corporations rip off consumers today? Absolutely. Should we do something about it? Yes, we should. Is capitalism a perfect system for a society? Surely not. However, capitalism is the only system that produces prosperity, excellence, and economic stability. Look around the globe. Neither Democratic socialism nor Marxist socialism has ever succeeded in producing all three. When a government tries to equalize the outcomes of lives, regardless of personal effort, the result is mediocrity everywhere, economic stagnation, massive government growth, lack of individual motivation, and ultimately national bankruptcy. In many modern European countries the socialist governments have lasted one to two generations before insolvency or a return to individual responsibility and smaller government.

    The socialist mantra preaches that America can ignore the lessons of nature. Nature is cruel. Nature is competition. Nature is not fair. Yet nature produces the survival of the fittest and the best. What happens when the government, in the name of compassion, removes the need to strive, to excel, to overcome, to be self-supporting? A floor of benefits provides a tolerable life for those who lack ambition and have little work ethic. I believe poverty has a real purpose. Fifty years of government anti-poverty programs have made more people than ever dependent on government, and created more poor people.

    The Democratic Party’s candidates offer to remove the bumps in life that are necessary to become self-supporting. Most of the Hillary and Bernie crowd never served in the military. The military is a wonderful life lesson about competition. I see the toxic liberal ideas of the last two generations everywhere. Just a few examples: No one should be allowed to be rich because rich people steal from poor people.

    The government is responsible for giving you all of the benefits of hard work, a good education, and preparation for a successful life if you did not bother to work hard, or educate yourself, or prepare for competition.

    Taxpayers should make up for individual self-destructive behavior---teenage pregnancies, single motherhood by choice, substance abuse, dropping out of school, gang membership, and criminal behavior. If you are poor it is somebody else’s fault. If your parents did not save for your education, you are entitled to receive a taxpayer funded education. If you did not save for your retirement or contribute to social security, you are entitled to taxpayer funded retirement anyway.

    No matter how you get into this country you are entitled to all the benefits of the welfare state as soon as you get here, including the right to vote.
    The goal of minorities should be is to establish victimhood, which provides monetary benefits, special rights, and never ending validation of victim status, the opposite of self-reliance.

    If you didn't prepare for a career that supports a family, taxpayers should make up the difference. Entry level jobs should support families. Besides unemployment benefits, Obama wants the government to provide workers with wage insurance. Taxpayers are supposed to make up the difference if your new job does not pay as much as your old job.

    Generational failure to be self-supporting should be encouraged by welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, Medicaid, and so on. Let’s make single motherhood so feasible from generation to generation that working is never necessary. Let’s make fatherhood and living at home with a wife and your children so economically irrational that men don't marry the mothers of their children. Let’s encourage misbehavior in school by calling teachers racists. Let’s make a government job the most secure job in America.

    You might be thinking I don’t have enough compassion. Oh yes, I do. Anyone who encourages a person to depend on others, or government, instead of himself is harming that person. I thank God that my father and his father made it clear who was responsible for my success or failure in life.

    In high school I had to accept that I would never play football well enough to be a star. I had to find my own niche, something I could be good at, and lean into it. I had to strive for every edge to compete at higher and higher levels. I got knocked down. I lost. I got back up. I found what I was good at. If you haven’t competed in your life, you haven’t lived.
    Look what the lack of competition has done to the last two generations. Many poorly motivated, unproductive young people are largely unable to compete or survive on their own in today’s rapidly changing workplace of shrinking numbers of good jobs. Their parents did not teach them to learn every skill possible. Instead of teaching them to change their own oil, repair an electrical switch, or fix a leaky faucet, their parents fixed everything for them. They gave them their first car. They told them they were exceptional. What a shock to find out that they are mediocre. They can’t find a good job. Our skill levels in math and science suck compared to other industrialized countries. Many of the college degrees out there are nearly worthless. Young people are deeply in debt for these educations. Many live with their parents.

    Those voting for these two loser socialists will blame everyone but themselves for their inability to compete in the future. Few have an understanding of the pathetic record of any brand of socialism. Those who pay little or no federal income tax have no incentive to restrain government size. Many believe that an essential goal of our government should be to take money from successful people and give it to unsuccessful people. This notion will likely divide our country eventually, if Islam doesn’t.

    Successful people who clawed their way from poverty to a comfortable life don’t mind charity. What they mind is being forced to pay the bills for people who were not willing to even try to be a success. These suckers on the hind *** of government drank the Kool-Aid of anti-capitalism and voted for socialists instead of learning to compete.

    Where does all the money come from to pay for everyone to be equally miserable? It comes by taxing those people,who can never be taxed too much. The ones who work. Socialists don’t see the government as the greatest restraint to economic growth and innovation. They don’t see government as the greatest consumer of capital. They don’t see government as the greatest job killer. They don’t see government as the greatest restraint on personal responsibility and personal growth. They don’t see our own government as the greatest threat to the survival of the American experiment in democracy. They want more free stuff.

    How long will it take before these believers in free stuff recognize that socialism penalizes hard work? The harder a man works, the more the government takes from him to support the welfare state. The incremental increases in pay are not worth the extra study, the extra investment, the extra time at work, or two pay checks in a family. Why work hard? Why strive to compete? I predict a lot of unhappy old people thirty years from now. They came. They voted. They never competed. They will have no idea what they could have accomplished in life by walking out on the stage by themselves and risking failure. They drank the Kool-Aid and voted for Hillary and Bernie. The answer is never. They will never get it.
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  3. droski

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    it feels good to blame someone else for your own failures.
  4. Oldvol75

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    Two word answer: Free Stuff

    We have raised a bunch of kids today that think they're entitled to have the world handed to them without lifting a finger
  5. droski

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    I wonder how many of the folks complaining that the prior generations have saddled them with such a raw deal realize how little they are actually paying in income taxes.
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    I believe the phrase is "gibs me dat"
  7. JT5

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    Country full of consumers, low on producers. Bunch of good-for-nothing, lazy ****s.
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    Broyles is greedy, wants people to starve to death, hates women, and is a racist.
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    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.
  10. CardinalVol

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    You forgot hates gays and kids.
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    You're right RB. They will never get it. Well written and spot on my friend.
  12. hohenfelsvol

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    How about transgender heroes?
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    I think we've been over how income taxes are only one part of the pie, there's a lot more than that to look at. With that being said, people who spend time thinking about how they were saddled with a raw deal are idiots. Life's just about growing a pair and playing the hand you're dealt.
  14. droski

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    Income taxes are a large majority of taxes paid in this country
  15. rbroyles

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    Naw, The only thing I have ever hated was Dobyns-Bennet.
  16. RockyHill

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    By pie I meant all the ways you might measure one generation having it better/worse than another.
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    Oh I see how it is. You have a problem with Indians being successful.
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    The only good Injun is a dead Injun.
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    I spent 2 years at Science Hill and 2 at Sullivan South, so there was never a fondness for DB.
  20. rbroyles

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    I lied, I also hate South.

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