The Indy Talks To Himself (NBA) Thread.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by GahLee, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Grant is shooting 53% on 7 3’s a game for the Mavs. Pretty damn good.
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    Steph out tonight. Klay and Draymond both ejected 2 minutes into the game.

    Warriors up 5 on the Timberwolves at the half.

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    Jokic gets away with so many fouls, both on offense and defense. It’s so bizarre to watch.
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    Gonna be so weird if the Clippers get their first post-Harden trade win against the Nuggets.
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    Missed foul on Jokic that could have sent PG to the line for the tie (though it also looked like he traveled after the foul). How does that work, if both get called? Player gets fouled in the act of shooting, but takes 3 steps on the layup? What happens?
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    He does get away with shit, but it's how the league works. Most of the superstars get this type of soft whistle more often than not. Not fair, but how they roll.

    He also gets hit a lot without calls. That's the other side of the coin for top players.
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    So does LeGM get credit for adding Cam Reddish to the roster and turning him into a solid player/starter?
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    I don’t watch them enough to disagree with the last part. I just know that every time I do watch them, I can’t believe what he gets away with.
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    I honestly cannot fathom how Jaxson Hayes is still getting minutes.
  12. Indy

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    These refs must be from the SEC. First the missed goaltend to end the half, and then they blow the whistle for a “clock issue” right as a guy is starting a wide open shot (that went in).

    Maybe they just hate Austin Reaves, as all 4 stolen points were his.
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    LeBron is still [uck fay]ing amazing, but he’s too damn old to win games when AD and Reaves play this poorly. AD has been an offensive and defensive no-show for 75% of this game. He’s just such a bizarre player.
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    That’s the problem with going down 24 points to start the 4th. Even though LeBron is good enough to drag you all the way back, he’s gassed when you’re down 9 with 3 minutes to go… because he’s had to play 35 minutes with a high usage rate on the second night of a back to back.
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    Bron with 37-6-8 on 74% from the field and the game winning free throw. And with AD fouling out with a minute left and the game tied.

    The dude is un[uck fay]ingbelievable.
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    Do you wonder if he is a bit of his own worst enemy, in that he has been very active in assembling his teams and maybe that affects how he responds to his teammates' poor play since he hand-picked them?
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  18. Indy

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    I’m not sure what you mean by “how he responds to his teammates’ poor play.”

    I do think the “assembling his teams” thing has been a bit overblown at times throughout his career.
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    What a guy.

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    Pop wants to tell everybody what to do and how they should think.
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