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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by Steve C., Mar 2, 2012.

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    I attended history classes at ETSU and UT, and my roommate was a history major at both schools. Both had history departments that were superior to most of the other Humanities departments. How they compared to other institutions I am unsure. Of one thing I do feel sure about is that it really doesn't matter where you choose to go. Your attitude and propensity to implode will almost surely get you expelled before too long. That is unless your claim to have made a miraculous change is true...............perhaps here is your first major test of such claim.
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    I did the hell out of some crossword puzzles in college, though.
  4. JT5

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    There are plenty of brilliant people with mediocre GPAs, but there are a lot more who are working the register at Wendy's.
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    You should have went Special Ed. I got to make crafts!
  6. Steve C.

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    Nvm. I'm just stupid. Honestly. What was your GPA in high school, kpt?

    And where your struggles as extensive as this:

    Social Anxiety Disorder
    Desire to kill self
    Apparently mildly autistic
    Never studied
    Never did homework

    Just curious. Those were my circumstances, and I'm not proud of my GPA.
  7. kptvol

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    Apparently you are stupid because I have stated before GPA is not the determining factor for one's intelligence. I personally knew the people I've been discussing and can attest to their level of intellect.

    And yes, it sounds like you really ought to watch your debt as making it all the way to the level of a practicing doctor is no sure thing for you regardless of how smart you are.
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    On a serious note Steve, the things you've listed are a few of the characteristics of the kids I teach today!
  9. volfanjo

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    I think rbroyles makes a good point too. There are many great faculty and historians populated at schools not named Harvard. I took World History from a guy in college who wrote the definitive history of the French Revolution. Not just any history, but the one everyone is required to read. But he never sought to move up and stayed his entire career at a good but not great public university. There are lots of these folks floating around.
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    Where do you teach if you don't mind saying?
  11. Oldvol75

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    I'm retired in Alabama and now teach a self-contained severe emotional behavior disorder class in Georgia. I have kids that may be in jail or a mental institution parts of the year. and off due to my sons surgery Tuesday.
  12. rbroyles

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    My wife works with special ed and resource students, primarily with a couple of Autistic boys. One of which she has been with in an one on one program from 1st grade to now a senior in high school.
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    Solid advice
  14. ole_orange

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    My dad has been teaching special education in Inner City Nashville for 25 years. I truly admire people in that field.
  15. Oldvol75

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    I've taught every grade,and everything in Special Ed. except gifted. This is 31 years now. I know what she's goes through each day. I'm still puzzled as to why they won't let me at the "gifted" kids!
  16. Oldvol75

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    I truly believe that it is a calling. I couldn't work with the quote normal kids.
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    My dad's oldest brother was prematurely born, and suffered brain damage as a result(these were the pre-incubator days). It is a shame too, because my Uncle has always shown signs that he would have been the most intelligent child in my dad's family. My dad's other brother tragically developed schizophrenia at the age of 19 and committed suicide as a result of his mental tourment. To say that my uncles made a profound impact on my dad's life growing up is an immense understatement. He felt like that God's plan in life was for him to help people with learning dissabilities.I think man upstairs was right too, because it is simply his gift. No matter what, my dad can hang his hat on the fact that he has made this world a better place for the lives of many. Not everyone in this world has the blessing of being able to say that. Keep up the good fight Oldvol75!
  18. Indy

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    Am i the only one that wants to see the mensa card?

    Also, intelligence is great, but social skills are, in my opinion, equally, if not more important.
  19. awebb7

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    Wouldn't mind seeing. For shits and giggles.

    Next to an ETSU student ID bearing the same name of course.

  20. Indy

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    You should drop out and take a job as a janitor over at MIT, then just solve the problems they write on their blackboards.

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