Week One SEC review

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    The East:
    1. Georgia – Mark Richt has the best player in the country on his football team. Mark Richt gave the best player in college football 4 carries and allowed him to return one kickoff in the first half of the game against Clemson. There are two people that can stop Todd Gurley, Mike Bobo and Mark Richt.
    I can’t tell if it was a sick joke where they wanted to string Clemson along, letting them think they had a chance or if they really were confused on who should be getting carries. I said earlier that Gurley could carry Georgia to the East title if he stayed healthy and had 25 touches per game. He only needed 16 to outgain and outscore Clemson.

    2. Tennessee – The youth movement has begun. The defensive line has 4 new starters, the linebackers have 2 new starters from last year, the secondary rotated in a slew of young guys. Ethan Wolf was impressive at TE, Josh Malone looked like a veteran WR, Hurd is huge and Pearson shined when he got the ball. Pig Howard filled the jack of all trades role well. Worley didn’t do anything to lose the ball game.
    This Tennessee team still has work to do, but there’s a reason for optimism on the Hill. That’s a welcome change from the last 4 years.

    3. Missouri – I didn’t watch their game, I just kept up with on the ticker. It appeared to be a team trying to find out what they can do after losing their top 3 receivers, their starting RB and the majority of their defense against an FCS school that hung around way too long.

    4. Florida – We need some blue and orange shirts made that say “We fear Vandals and the rain”. Seriously, how can you call your stadium the Swamp then cancel a game because of a wet field? They haven’t made their minds up on whether this game will be rescheduled for October 25th, when both Idaho and UF have off weeks or just cancel the game. The best part of it, is that Florida is still on a 7 game losing streak.

    5. South Carolina – Steve, I think it’s time you look into recruiting a new quarterback. Dylan Thompson, a guy with starting experience, looked shell shocked. He was missing receivers and played a horrible game. Mike Davis went down early with “bruised ribs” which normally means a few are broken. The defense had no answer for Sumlin’s wizardry.

    6. Kentucky – Welcome to the win column, UK. The Wildcats looked like an FBS program playing an FCS program. That’s a change for the better in Lexington. Braylon Heard, the Nebraska transfer, had a big game and Kentucky looked good beating a middle of the road FCS team.

    7. Vanderbilt – Welcome back to the cellar of the SEC East. When you’re desperately rotating quarterbacks to find offense against Temple, you’re not very good.

    SEC West

    1. Texas A&M – Johnny who? Right now, Cleveland is thinking they should have hired Sumlin instead of drafting Manziel. The defense still has a ways to go, as they were helped out along the way by a quarterback that couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat, but losing first rounders at WR, QB and LT doesn’t appear to faze that offense.

    2. Alabama – The Tide appeared mortal. The defense actually looked okay, instead of NFL caliber. The offense had its moments, but it just looked good instead of great. Alabama and Georgia have the best stables of running backs in the SEC and probably the country, but this team isn’t a lead pipe lock to represent the West in the SECCG.

    3. LSU – Oh, Les Miles, when will people learn to never doubt the insanity you call coaching? I don’t know if it’s Cajun voodoo, luck or that Miles is actually a genius and we all can’t see it, but I wouldn’t want to ever bet against him. The defense is young, the offense is young, it took 2 and a half quarters for them to wake up, but once they did, they completely took over the game and beat a very good Wisconsin team.

    The game turned on a ballsy fake punt and a defense that finally decided to tackle. I think the QB play will cost them a few games, but the Tigers have a great OC in Cam Cameron and a lot of talent to play with on offense and the Mad Hatter.

    4. Auburn – The defense still looks suspect, but the offense doesn’t miss a beat regardless of who’s at QB or RB. Arkansas was able to push their defensive front around and find some space for their tailbacks, but once Marshall entered the game, they couldn’t keep up. TAMU and Auburn are similar, in that they ask their defenses to make one or two stops because teams can’t keep their offenses from scoring.

    5. Mississippi State – They looked like world beaters against Southern Miss. We’ve all heard that Mullen is a year away from breaking out, Dak Prescott is a Heisman contender and good things are happening in Starkville. Well, MSU is a lot better than they were 4 years ago, but they aren’t better than LSU, Alabama, Auburn or Texas A&M. I do think MSU has the kind of disruptive defensive line you need to beat a team like Auburn or TAMU, but I doubt they beat them both. No offense to Dak Prescott, but there’s better QBs in the SEC west as well. This is a good ball club that would probably contend for the East, but they aren’t good enough to win the West.

    6. Ole Miss – The Rebels looked bad for 3 quarters. Really bad. Bo Wallace kept throwing it to Boise and nothing was working on offense. The Ole Miss defense, however, did look impressive. They kept Ole Miss in the game while the offense figured it out. The final score of the game didn’t really show how bad Ole Miss played on offense. Their defense is solid, as it should be. It’s loaded with talent. The offense is still suffering from bad quarterbacking.

    7. Arkansas – The Razorbacks looked a lot better than a season ago. The offense is starting to become what Bielema wants it to be, which is a smash mouth, run between the tackles offense with the occasional play action off it. They pushed around a weak Auburn front four for a while, but they couldn’t keep up on the scoreboard. They are better, but right now they’re still 7th in the West.
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    Great stuff, JG!
  4. DarthVisor

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    Great write up.

    I've got nothing but hope to base this on, but I can't believe that our defense is THAT bad. 99 plays? Over 50 completed passes (I think)? No. Surely, Spurrier will fix that/bring back the 4-2-5 if nothing else. Right now, we look like an absolute sorry football team. However, maybe we can right the ship after Georgia lights is up in a couple of weeks.
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    I think the over-under on how long the 3-4 lasts is about 5 minutes after the first meeting this morning.
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    Solid write up.

    Nothing makes me happier than reading that Alabama looked mortal.
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    Great stuff there.
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    Spurrier didn't sound fond of it after the game. I hope you're right. Losing a game in this fashion and then beating Georgia here in two weeks would be the most South Carolina thing ever. I don't know how many times it has happened under Spurrier. Look like you can't beat Alcoa one game and then play with your hair on fire the next. For the record, I fully expect Georgia to beat us by two or three touchdowns.
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    It would also be the most Mark Richt thing ever
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    Combined to make it the most ever thing ever.
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    Jimbo has to lose to an unranked opponent and Dabo has to lose to Spurrier again to make it the most ever thing ever of all time
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    South Carolina's season rides on the health of Mike Davis.
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    He's doubtful for Saturday.
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    Still not happy we struggled to break 100 yards rushing against Utah State.
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    Only a fool would argue with your analysis Justin, very well done. I am curious, it appears the teams were in your predicted order of finish, correct?
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    Just how they looked after week one.
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    Power rank them 1-14.

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