Gunman shoots up gop softball practice

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by CardinalVol, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Scalise appears to have been target.

    At some point we've got to realize vitriol is going to be the end of us.
  2. bostonvol

    bostonvol Chieftain

    It sounds like everyone there was the target. Gunman specifically asked if it was the GOP or Democrats practicing. One staffer was shot in the chest. Rand Paul said if it wasn't for the Capital police, it would have been a "massacre."
  3. NorrisAlan

    NorrisAlan Founder of the Mike Honcho Fan Club

    Was anyone killed? Hopefully not and I am happy they caught the dude before something really bad happened.

    And yes, Card, the over-the-top vitriolic talk leads to so much anger that this kind of thing can happen.
  4. IP

    IP It's just business.

    We used to be better than this.
  5. smokysbark

    smokysbark Chieftain

    I have a very narrow perspective but I just can't fathom an administration change making someone so miserable that they choose to do this.
  6. TennTradition

    TennTradition Super Moderator

    Well clearly it wasn't just an administrative change that led to this. A stable individual doesn't do it - though no doubt the vitriol fueled it.
  7. VolDad

    VolDad Super Moderator

  8. IP

    IP It's just business.

    Ya, I dont think he consulted Bernie on this course of action.
  9. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    We've pretty much reached the point where the other side isn't just mistaken in their ideas - they're evil. It's getting old. Most people aren't crazy enough to take up arms, but plenty of people are crazy enough to be absolute assholes.
  10. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor


    Leftist. Oh and he beat up his girlfriend. Yep they talk a good game about womens rights. BTW his Drivers License has an expiration date of 12-12-17. This incorrect. It expired on 06-14-17.

  11. gcbvol

    gcbvol Fabulous Moderator

    Yes, and the rift appears to be growing. It's insane and it's scary.
  12. RockyHill

    RockyHill Loves Auburn more than Tennessee.

    Interesting, looks like a stereotypical Trump supporter.
  13. Oldvol75

    Oldvol75 Super Bigfoot Guru Mod

    Its a disgrace that our country is falling apart like this. There is an answer but everyone ignores it.
  14. IP

    IP It's just business.

    Looks like a guy with mental issues. Bet we will hear all about them soon.

    Also, his sign isn't accurate in its dates.

    What's the mug shot from?
  15. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I'd be curious to know what his shirt says about Republicans under the sign he's wearing.
  16. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I'd guess the beating of the girlfriend.
  17. NorrisAlan

    NorrisAlan Founder of the Mike Honcho Fan Club

    The USA has been in far, far worse shape in its history. We are not, imho, falling apart. But the lack of the ability to compromise has stymied our politics for the last 20 years.

    I think the answer is to stop watching 24 hour news, stop reading 24 hour news and stop reading 24 hour facebook of this and that idiot's ideas of what this country should be. I have seen what that does to my father, and I have been victim of it myself.
  18. gcbvol

    gcbvol Fabulous Moderator

    Good suggestion but a much bigger challenge than we may realize. Generally speaking we are an information-conditioned society. We can and should work to limit a lot of the noise, but it requires actual work to do so. There is way too much content out there specifically designed to generate enmity and polarize. Unfortunately, we are also a credulous public.
  19. IP

    IP It's just business.

    What a scumbag.
  20. Volst53

    Volst53 Super Moderator

    Horrible event but let's not paint it with too broad of a brush either

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