Gunman shoots up gop softball practice

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by CardinalVol, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Oh she is far from perfect but the tome looks more and more prophetic these days as the collectivist state grows with an insatiable appetite.

    I find myself drawn to watching youtube videos on RV living, tiny homes, homesteading and unshackling from this society.

    Here is a sample:
    Straight from CookeVegas TN
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    The Boss of the Swamp
  3. dc4utvols

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    American Homestead
  4. dc4utvols

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    SO the girl is hot and its about living on a Sailboat
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    Is this where you finally jump the shark? Looks like it.
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    Coincidentally, capital police were going to go before Congress today to ask for more funding and make the case that they needed more staff. They had to cancel.

    They've been objectively understaffed for 20 years, by many people's assessment. We are in a time where that might be extra dangerous for our officials. Gonna need to fix it.
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    Kind of odd that the title only mentions Democrats
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    I am guessing that they ran the story before hearing that Republicans were getting it too, and haven't changed the title yet. Or not. Cynicism is fair. I heard that Republicans were getting threats of being "next" before I saw this story, so it is possible that this source is being extremely biased- but then why include the Republican threats in the story at all?
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    I've been reading shit from dumbasses all day. Members of Congress, yes the same ones that rush to politicize literally everything, have actually done a fantastic job with messaging today. Even Donald ****ing Trump has managed to sound like a leader. And your unwashed masses on both sides are being little [itch bay]es to one another.
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    And yet we remain. Most of us, at least. And continue to take it, or dish it out.

    Almost like there is some kind of connection, and ability to look well beyond a few comments on any given day, and not be so distressed we can't find our way back.

    Again. For most.
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    I hate everyone, so I'm good
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    Agreed. I don't believe many of you guys venture over to the other place but that's exactly what the thread over there is all about. Pretty damn sad.
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    The Founders also set the framework by which we determine the very things that you now quixotically rail against. They also ensured for your ability to leave.

    Perhaps you should exercise that right, or simply continue to sit there, take it and just [itch bay].

    You are no patriot, but a feckless fool, instead.
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  19. GahLee

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    I'm just the opposite. I've become more conservative.
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    Would you say you always leaned that way? I started out slightly right.

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