Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by SavageOrangeJug, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Evil Muslims, blah blah blah.
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    by the way, mark me down as a "Muslim sympathizer." Since I support religious freedom and don't paint a billion people into a corner because of a minority among them.
  3. All Muslims aren't evil. Only those that follow the Koran.
  4. Minority of Muslims, my ass. Wake the [uck fay] up.

    That worthless son of a [itch bay] in the White House proclaimed, "we are not at war with Islam." Let me clue both of you in. They seem to be at war with us.
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    When I traveled through the Muslim world, I wasn't asleep.
  6. Their treatment and attitudes towards women are enough earn contempt. Much less their hatred of 'The Great Satan'.

    Now, should we get into 9/11, the London bombings, or full body scanners at airports because of those Islamic bastards? [uck fay] Islam!
  7. Any Muslims here? Maybe you [Weiner Sucker]s can issue a fatwā on me. I hear those are popular among Muslims. Ask Salman Rushdie about those fun loving Muslims.

    Maybe we could get bombed for drawing cartoons of Muhammad?
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    The treatment of women is as much a cultural relic predating Islam as it is anything. Look into your Bible and you will find the exact same practices and treatment. Hell, many Christians view women as subservient, not allowed to speak in church, and solely existing as human objects.

    God told Moses to send women on the menstrual cycle away from the people and the camps, to live in seclusion until it stopped. All of that is garbage by our modern sensibilities.

    And that being said, there are parts of the Muslim world where women don't have to be covered, are allowed to hold high level jobs, and are not merely the play-things of men.
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    You should consider researching the history of the Christian Church. Your perspective is skewed by being born in a country born out of revolution, becoming a sanctuary for revolutionary religious thought. Our relative freedom of the last 200 years is the exception to the planetary rule.
  10. Why just the other day I heard people cutting off women's lips with a razor blade for wearing lipstick....oh wait...that was Muslims in Iran.

    Hell, they can't even drive in Saudia Arabia.

    Rape victims are commonly lashed to the point of death or imprisoned in Muslim countries if they are lucky. The unlucky ones are simply stoned to death.
  11. An exception Islam would glady crush if given the chance.

    Their vile and cowardly attacks have already restricted our freedoms.
  12. Back to the original topic. I suppose you agree with Lil' Hussein? Fort Hood was not a terrorist attack, it was 'workplace violence'?
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    I don't think it fits the typical mold of a "terrorist attack" any more than simply being "workplace violence." It was a disturbed individual going on a rampage. Anyone who is shouting about god or gods while killing people is a maniac.

    If you call that a terrorist attack, you have to call every event of violence with multiple homicides some sort of "terrorist attack."

    How many times does Obama have to give uncomfortable monologues about his Christian faith before you decide to quit using your Islamophobia as an attack angle on him? Does he have to actually claim God speaks to him like Bush did?
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    It is sad you can have so much hate for a group of people you clearly have never had any interaction with.
  15. He killed as a direct attack on America, ans in the name of Islam. That is a terrorist attack.

    It is sad that you would defend such a vile 'religion' in the face of all evidence of it's evil nature.
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    Religion tends to be evil. That's the consequence of superstition and false authority.
  17. Y'all can take this gsvol shit you keep bringing up in reference to my posts, and stick so far up your [uck fay]ing ass that you choke.

    Yes, the Muslims are the [uck fay]ing terrorists that we are dealing with.

    Go take a flight somewhere. That bullshit you go through at the airport? THANK YOU ISLAM!
  18. Let me guess, this is a bunch of [uck fay]ing Quakers. It was a conspiracy to make Muslims look bad?

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    You don't even know what Islam is.

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