Is Rick Barnes Committed to Tennessee?

Discussion in 'Keith Hatfield Memorial Vols Hoops' started by Tenacious D, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    Even as a basketball neophyte / ignoramus, it seems obvious that Rick Barnes can coach his ass off.

    But my enthusiasm for both his tenure and the immediate future of the program has been greatly hindered by the comments of his assistant earlier in the year, admitting that he's not out traveling to recruit. And it was made infinitely worse when that same assistant went on to actually defend Barnes' obviously lacking efforts on the recruiting trail, claiming he had "earned that right".

    That Rick Barnes never felt the need to come back around and publicly correct or better explain these comments, is mind-boggling.

    I can't help to feel like he's simply playing out the twilight of his career, and is content to simply collect his last string of checks, before heading back to Austin in retirement. The end result is that I neither want nor see any suitable reason to be any more invested in this program than I feel like Barnes has, and which isn't very much at all.

    And while just a blind-assed guess, I also don't believe that Barnes would have even taken Tennessee's call, had Texas not fired him.

    So, the question is whether both Tennessee and Barnes are a largely loveless relationship, and which is built purely on convenience, alone? And if so, is that ok and truly best for the program? If so, why?

    Bonus Questions:

    1. How many more seasons is Barnes here, taking into account the rumored reports that he is "livid" with Tennessee hiring Currie as AD.

    2. Who would you like to see Tennessee land as Barnes' replacement if he leaves / is fired, and coaches that bear watching, in the interim?
  2. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    He absolutely is not. Just banking more money into his retirement fund. He was an absolutely horrible hire.
  3. NorrisAlan

    NorrisAlan Founder of the Mike Honcho Fan Club

    Big Orange ATM
  4. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    It's a golden parachute job. I do think he wants to win big for a few years just as a **** you to Texas then retire
  5. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    I was backing Michael White instead of Tyndall/Barnes. Luckily, I'm not in charge because that guy sure has sucked at Florida.

    I'm still not sure why a guy at his age who was clearly burned out at Texas would've been a good choice. UT will UT.
  6. utvol0427

    utvol0427 Chieftain

    Basketball Fulmer's retirement tour.
  7. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    He's as committed to UT as Kiffin was, if not moreso.
  8. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    So...not at all
  9. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Kiffin worked pretty damn hard in the brief time he was here, from everything I've been told.
  10. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    He's here.

    I do believe he wants to win and build a decent program. He's just going to take the get guys who will be here 4 year appraoch to do it. The downside to this is that at some point you are going to be really young and have nights like last night and weeks like the last three weeks where they hit the wall.

    I think there is a better chance than not they are a tournament team last year.
  11. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    I've never really bought into the retirement on the job narrative. He's not 80. Basically all the players here have improved on his watch. And if people would quit [itch bay]ing about stars long enough to actually look at the players on the court, he's done a pretty good job of assembling a core of players to build around. Next year they get more size in, so they won't be so dramatically undersized.

    I'm not sheeping it up either, we'll see what happens
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  12. utvol0427

    utvol0427 Chieftain

    Imagine what kind of core he could assemble if he actually ****ing recruited.
  13. Daddy Gee

    Daddy Gee Chieftain

    He's earned the right not to have to recruit!
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  14. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    did he or did he not recruit the ones there?
  15. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    Those guys look worse right now than they did a year ago.
  16. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    They're a bunch of freshmen at the end of their first season. I think they'll be fine.
  17. utvol0427

    utvol0427 Chieftain

    He sat on his ass in Knoxville while his assistants recruited and then comes in as the "closer" once the kids are on campus because who wouldn't want to play for the schmuck that couldn't get a team with Kevin Durant out of the first weekend of the tournament.

    Do you not think that he could have brought in better players had he actually gone out recruiting and put forth even a little effort?
  18. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    He took a team without Kevin Durant to the final 4. Which we've never seen.

    I'm just saying he's got a plan and it'll work or it won't.
  19. RockyHill

    RockyHill Loves Auburn more than Tennessee.

    His plan includes being semi-retired. Now it's possible that whoever else we might've hired could be the hoops version of Dooley, but the point remains.
  20. lylsmorr

    lylsmorr Super Moderator

    Don't believe that's the same Barnes that we have today.

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