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    Memories....misty-water colored memories...
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    Boo this man
  3. Unimane

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    Dany's conversation with Samwell was the first time I thought she might not survive. The show has become more conventional in recent seasons and the end with Dany on top, abetted by some kind of heroic sacrifice by Jon, was the "bittersweet" finish I suspected.

    However, Samwell now becomes the first main dude to realize she's not just a really good queen with a few impulse issues, but see her as a violent psychopath hell bent on attaining power. Everyone else is [uck fay]ing mesmerized except the smartest one of them all who just found out from a cold ass Dany that she had her father and brother deep fried for not kissing her ass.

    It's the only real thing of note which happened in the first episode and probably has more relevance in episode 4 and beyond after the Battle of Winterfell occurs.

    My, completely unscientific, predictions for episode two have few key highlights. One, the previews always misleads and I don't think Jaime is [uck fay]ed at all. Even Dany's little speach by her and her brother about what they would do to her father's killer ends with, likely, "But, I came to find out my dad really was a [uck fay]ing nut, so I understand." Either this, our Tyrion finally serves a purpose beyond season 4 and convinces her there are more pressing issues. More probable is Bran shocking people by vouching for him.

    Jon surely mopes and tells approximately 97 people how much he doesn't want to be king. Sansa continues her transformation into the [itch bay]iest character on the show with her ever developing [itch bay] face directed at her cat fight with Dany.
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    Cersei fixing to bone the Night King.
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    I might get my wish and see dany become a baddy.
  6. kptvol

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    Most of the main characters tend to have pretty noticeable good/bad duality. Arya, Sana’a, Tyrion, Jamie, even Cersei has flashed some good from time to time.

    Jon Snow seems to be the only one that’s been straight on virtuous the entire time - kind of like Ned Stark, who everyone was amazed would ever step outside his marriage to conceive a bastard.

    Dany has been pretty close, but she’s shown a lot anger and desire for vengeance. As far as Samwell being some determining factor because he’s so smart; keep in mind Tyrion might be smarter and he’s as in favor of her as anyone (although Sansa implying he’s now not so clever for his support of her is somewhat ominous).

    Virtue hasn’t really been rewarded thus far in the story, but maybe they are setting up for a big finish with Jon Snow on top.
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    they were right about Ned
  8. kptvol

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    I also kind of wonder if the execution of Samwell’s dad and brother is some foreshadowing of some more sinister deaths to come at Dany’s hands. Stannis was doing alright for awhile. Seemed like he had a chance of getting the throne. Seemed to have some noble intentions at times, too. Ultimately, he was a little too consumed with his right to be
    King and did some bad stuff in pursuit of the throne. Obviously the sacrifice of his innocent daughter is what ultimately caused his downfall. Maybe Dany kills Sansa for insolence or something.
  9. NorrisAlan

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    Am I the only one that understands Sansa and all the shit she went through to get back to Winterfell? I can understand why she is the way she is, why she doesn't like Daenerys, why she doesn't like that Jon bent the knee to her.
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    Danny is pretty upity. Just look at the way she carries herself and looks at those beneath her. In her mind, she's a queen of the people. In reality, she's just as much of a monster as the usurpers. The part that really drove it home to me was last season when Tyrion spent 5 minutes listing Danny's titles and Davos says "John Snow, King of the North"
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  11. hohenfelsvol

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    Sansa gets it. Jon leads with his heart as well as his pecker. He thought he was doing the right thing but that doesn't make Daenerys her favorite person. So, now we find out if Daenerys is in fact like her [uck fay]ed up father. And so far it appears the crazy gene was wiped away by Stark genes. TBD.
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    Night Moves King.
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  13. Unimane

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    Yeah, I've always been worried that the show writers didn't get this was her deal or, perhaps, the actress was just screwing it up by playing the part so imperious. However, it seems they may be getting the gist of her character. Or, they are noting how power can corrupt a, seemingly, decent person.
  14. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    I think the writers of the show aren't as good writing Tyrion's character as was Martin, so he has suffered as the show went beyond the books. They tried to keep him clever and witty, but he's a weaker character the last few seasons.
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    The writers of the show are monkeys with typewriters compared to Martin.
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    You sweet summer child.
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    I'm cheering for total destruction, nearly everyone of significance dead, and Bronn wanders in and claims the throne in the final scene, surrounded by his whores.
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    and then dies of pox within a year in the post-credits scene
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    With a big smile on his face.
  20. Tenacious D

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