I keep hearing... (Yet Another Race Discussion)

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    That "minorities" do not have equal rights with whites or that they are having their rights taken away, etc.

    Ok...name one?

    What right do I as a white middle class male have that someone else doesn't have?
  2. NorrisAlan

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    I think it is clear that a lot of unarmed black men are getting shot by cops. Thus the right to life is being taken away.

    NEW COACH Contributor

    A lot of non-threatening, law abiding black men?

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    I'm pretty sure statistics show that white men are shot more by cops than black men. It's the liberal media spin that pushes this injustice that just isn't there. You might have a couple of cases, but not what these race baiters make it out to be.
  5. bigpapavol

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    you mean men?
  6. IP

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    I think you are misinformed and also do not understand statistics. Of course more white people are shot. The majority of Americans are white.
  7. emainvol

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    Well this topic hasn't been beaten to death here.
  8. emainvol

    emainvol Administrator

    I will say this, if you can't make a point without invoking Fox News/Breitbart or the "liberal media" then you need to work on arguing your point. There are a lot of opposing viewpoints here, and most of them are not cultured in an echo chamber, despite what some of the more heated discussion often devolves to. This is largely a group of pretty smart people with very few exceptions.
  9. dc4utvols

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    A lot of false narrative about the issue is happening. I can think of only one instance that made the news that panned out. Guess what, the cop in SC plead guilty. The incident in MD involved black and white officers. They were acquitted. Micheal Brown, the guy whose death started this mess, attacked an officer and got himself killed.

    Martin bushwhacked a private citizen and a Hispanic. He got himself killed.

    There is no issue here or at least not a racial one.

    I would like to see cops return to the days of officer Friday myself. I would like to see no-knock warrants abolished. I would like to see assert forfeiture done away with unless there is a conviction. I would like the cops to have stricter ROE where they cant shoot unless attacked first. This will get more killed but their job is to protect and serve. But this injection of race is BS.
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  10. emainvol

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    We can agree on some things.

    NEW COACH Contributor

    16 unarmed black men out of a population of 20 million were shot last year. About as likely as getting struck by lightning.
  12. emainvol

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    I changed the thread title. If you are going to beat a dead horse, at least tell everyone the horse's name in the thread title so they can skip it if they want to.

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    I didn't make this about police shootings. I asked what right do minorities not have that I have? And if police shootings is the answer then I rest my case.

    When blacks are 12% of the population and yet are responsible for 52% of all homicides, there's much more problems in that culture than cops killing .000008 of the population every year. That culture wants someone to blame, must be the white mans fault.
  14. MaconVol

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    I agree with this.
  15. kptvol

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    emain is fake news.
  16. emainvol

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    Fine, I changed it again. Next time make a better thread title
  17. NashVol11

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    If you actually want to learn something and not just tell people why they're wrong, there are much easier ways to do it (Google) than starting argumentative threads

    NEW COACH Contributor

    Simple question, not argumentative.

    What right do I have that a black guy doesn't?
  19. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    I don't think this is about what rights they don't have, but rather what rights are not being as diligently respected.

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    I'll rephrase the question then,

    What rights are being respected for me that are not being respected for a black man?

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