POLITICS President Trump: 100+ Mornings After (Term 1 Complete)

Discussion in 'Politicants' started by IP, Apr 30, 2017.

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    I'm not ignoring a single thing. What percentage of procedures done in the ER or trauma do you venture don't pay a dime? Put a number between 0 and 100%. Keep in mind that only 10% of Americans are without insurance, and thus, a random sampling of procedures would be expected to find only 10% aren't insured.

    If you want to inflate that, go for it. Give me the number, you believe, don't pay a dime. That's the number you are agonizing over. And statistically, it is below 10%. Practically, it is below 10%.
  2. Indy

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    Not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone here, but this is the part that makes the "challenge" not really work. All of you can pay, and there's documentation that proves you can pay. So you aren't getting away with not paying.

    That's not the case for everyone that comes into the ER with an issue.
  3. fl0at_

    fl0at_ Humorless, asinine, joyless pr*ck

    And what percentage of people do you think that number is, Indy? Keeping in mind, only 10% of Americans do not have insurance.
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    For what it’s worth in understanding my perspective:

    A. I believe there is a silent majority of very hardworking folks of all races/backgrounds that if not for an insane political climate would more or less agree on most things. These people do not post political opinions on Facebook or Twitter often, if at all.

    B. The people making the most noise don’t understand the issues that well and if they did their answer would change, or at least be more nuanced. Meaning of course people will say they want “free healthcare” a lot of the time when asked.

    As for me, when I say we can do better, I mainly mean that we should be a little more compassionate about the worst case outcomes in this country. I don’t think healthcare should be free, and I don’t believe it’s a right. I don’t think I should have to pay for someone’s knee replacements who lives on KFC and Mountain Dew. However, I don’t think anyone in this country should die because of an easily cured ailment because they didn’t have insurance or the meager amount of cash needed. This happens all the time. I don’t think diabetics should have hospitals amputate their legs when it’s unnecessary but cheaper than the alternative that lets them keep the leg.

    But we don’t need a solution for healthcare, we need a solution for why Americans are so unhealthy and that’s not a conversation that can be had on a national stage because the answer will move us in a direction that those in power can’t accept.
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    You thinking that 10% you keep referring to is a representation of what the trauma centers see shows you dont know much about the subject or people who are carried in.
  6. fl0at_

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    And you thinking it is something drastically different shows you don't understand statistics.

    What percentage of procedures do you think are paid zero dollars for?
  7. IP

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    What is the answer, IYO?
  8. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."

    [uck fay] you guys, this post was hilarious.
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    So things ain't looking great for Trump at the moment.
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  12. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."


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    This is clearly another deep state operation
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    Dang, going to grand jury immediately.
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    I guess once you get the car all ready and you finally get some gasoline, you throw it in and fire up the car.
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    Then there’s this
  18. emainvol

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    Remember y’all, it’s not a cult
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    I feel like there's some parable in a book most of these folks revere about this sort of situation. Slips my memory.

    Such a weird cult, though. I wonder how long it takes for the ideologies to return to front and center in the party rather than fixation with a personality or on obstinance.
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    For the CPAC crowd? A while. Look at the list o' speakers if you have not.

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