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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by dc4utvols, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. dc4utvols

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    Canvassers for Dem-tied group charged in voter registration fraud scheme

    Yep the dead vote democrat ask Hillary she will tell you. Reid and Bubba what a surprise LOL. Reid stole the election from Angle.

    I guess this bunch thought they were in Chicago:
    "Twelve employees of an Indiana group tied to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and former President Bill Clinton were charged Friday for allegedly submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications before the 2016 presidential election."
  2. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry, a Democrat, said the police investigation found no evidence of voter fraud or voter suppression and that the charges against the workers came from “a very bad, ill-advised business practice” of setting a quota for canvassers.

    “By giving someone a financial motive to (meet a quota) is what caused these canvassers to cut corners and do things that not only undermined the goal of having legitimate registered voters but let to a situation where we allege it bled over into criminal conduct,” Curry said.
    - From the article

    I am completely shocked, shocked I tell you!, that you conflated this into something much larger and more nefarious than it really is and bring into the picture unrelated people (i.e. Democrats) and accusations into the picture. This isn't the first time that canvassers have submitted fake applications to meet quotas. The problem you have in regards to your accusations of fraudulent elections is that those fictitious people don't vote because, you know, they don't exist.
  3. dc4utvols

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    Yeah right and dems dont bus people to multiple poling places either.
  4. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    Yes, thanks, I am right. Dems bus people to multiple polling places? Proof?
  5. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor

    Water is wet
  6. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    So, nothing. Got it.
  7. dc4utvols

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  8. VolDad

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    They have already returned to Turkey so nothing will happen to them.
  9. dc4utvols

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    Gregg Jarrett: Trump should demand Mueller quit

    "The special counsel statute specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.” The language is mandatory. He “shall” disqualify himself. Comey is substantially involved in the case. Indeed, he is the central witness.

    The two men and former colleagues have long been friends, allies and partners. Agents have quipped that they were joined at the hip while at the Department of Justice and the FBI. They have a mentor-protégé relationship. The likelihood of prejudice and favoritism is glaring and severe."


    Time for Sessions to take over and hire Andrew McCarthy to do a real investigation on people like Lerner, Lynch, Holder and to call a grand jury on Clinton.
  10. The Dooz

    The Dooz Super Moderator

    Nobody gives a shit about Hillary Clinton anymore. She's as irrelevant as your posts here.
  11. kptvol

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    Is this the guy that got turned away from Muhammed Ali's funeral?
  12. dc4utvols

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    Could Rosenstein recuse? Deputy AG's role in question as Trump turns up heat

    "Trump seemed to prod Rosenstein over such a conflict in a tweet Friday.

    "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt," Trump wrote."

    Yep time for him to go also. There has been no proof of collusion and these things morph into perjury/obstruction traps or anything else they fling on the wall to see if it will stick. Time to shut this down.

    The only person I trust is Sessions and he recused himself.
  13. The Dooz

    The Dooz Super Moderator

    The only person you trust is the guy who lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearing about talking to the Russians.

    I wish there was a way to restrict your right to vote. I pray to God you haven't procreated.
  14. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor

    I will type it slow for you:


    Of course you leftist would love to keep conservatives from voting. I have two kids in a private Christian school so you leftists cant pervert their mind with gender confusion, sexual immorality, historical revisionism and collectivist political thought.
  15. JudgmentVol

    JudgmentVol Chieftain

    It's like you read the comments in other threads that talk about how ridiculously divisive, toxic, and problematic this demonizing of other politically differing opponents are, but your take away is, "Yeah, that's what we need. More vitriolic, partisan-induced rhetoric to divide the masses even moreso than they currently are."
  16. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor

    I didn't vote for Trump because I found him too caustic ,brash and not conservative. I let my vote be my action. That being said I also remember the left attacking his supporters constantly on the air waves and physically. Deplorables and such. People blocking roads and beating up old men. The left foments this hate and when something happens now there is a call for unity. Come on its a call for the right to surrender. There will be no unity. And calls for compromise always finds a solution left of center being adopted by the GOP.

    Sure if they are serious about unity then show up and vote no or their conscience otherwise keep their yaps shut. The clown didnt collude with Russia or obstruct justice. Tone the sh&t down and oppose him on policy. Otherwise I am a disciple of Lee Atwater and I would be prepared to bring more that you leftist could handle and I dont need to use violence because your leaders are so corrupt one only need courage to look under the rocks and expose it to the sun.

    Oh and I am not talking about criminalizing politics. I dont like witch hunts. On the old volquest political board I defended John Edwards D-NC because he didn't do anything illegal. He was no worse than Mr. Newt.

    I am convinced however that Lerner (IRS), Holder (fast and furious) and Lynch are guilty as sin. Clinton is guilty and Comey laid it out in his testimony. The need to prove any intent is not in the statute. He let her skate legally but hammered her politically. While I am more than glad she was defeated I am more than miffed that she wasn't prosecuted. I really dont want to see her go to jail for the rest of her life so I am not vindictive about it. I would give her probation and tell her to go away that politics would be a violation of her probation.
  17. dc4utvols

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    Looks like the nutcase was targeting the freedom caucus

    Not only was he the typical Bernie Sanders true believer, but he was none too bright.

    Scalise is a RINO.

    He had a list. My Rep Dejarlias was on the list. I have voted against Dejarlias in the primaries but for him in the general. He is a sold conservative vote even if his past personal life is less than stellar.

    I wish the freedom caucus was bigger. They are my type of republican.

    "The handwritten list was found in a van belonging to James Hodgkinson by the FBI, and the lawmakers named on the list are known to be conservative members associated with the Freedom Caucus:

    Reps. Scot DesJarlais (R-TN) (pronounced day-zharr-LAY), Trent Franks (R-AZ), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Mo Brooks (R-AL) and Morgan Griffith (R-VA)."

    Down by the river in a van
  18. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor

    Also JudgmentVol:

    This is from a poster on my political board. I wont link because I was told it is spam I will highlight some of his comments to add emphasis and shed more light on how I feel:

    "So Steve Scalise was shot by an "occupy" leftist and registered Democrat. I know Steve pretty well. He's older than me, but New Orleans is a small place- and it is even smaller if one is Italian. He has personally done nice things for my family, and is kind and welcoming to everyone- both here and to those that visit D.C. regardless of political affiliation. He has been a good and honest representative from the New Orleans area, unlike the Democrat likes of Bill Jefferson and Cedric Richmond.

    I understand from people here that know him and know his family, that the media is downplaying the seriousness of his injuries. I am told that he is in very bad shape and will never be the same. I think the left-wing media is terrified that he will pass away and become a martyr for the conservatives, as if we care about $+#+ like that.

    I find it amazing that many Democrats are calling for "unity" today. Does anyone think that if a Republican or Trump supporter would have shot and tried to murder multiple Democratic representatives they would be calling for unity? I promise you that they would not. They would do what they have been doing for years and use the tragedy to vilify ALL CONSERVATIVES.

    Say what you want about Trump, but he did not vilify 10s of millions of American people like that *%*$!#! Hillary did. He didn't charge his political opponents with being "racists, homophobes, islamiphobes, deplorables" blah blah... They have painted all conservatives with the brush of evil making it easy for their extreme nutjobs to act with violence against innocent people.

    The point is this is that many many many nutjobs on the left now feel justified in committing violence against conservatives because of the lies and vilification of conservatives by the media and by the leadership in the Democratic Party (often the same thing). We have all seen the riots and the violence. It's only going to get worse.
  19. JudgmentVol

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  20. IP

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    Your poster doesn't know about Gabby Giffords?

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